What in The World is That?
And Should I Be Concerned?

The name of that condition sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly can be, but before you jump to any conclusions let’s share some information about it.

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“I just want to be able to _________again!”

How would you fill that blank in?

If you are challenged by some progressive weight gain or battling a persistent overweight or obese condition, chances are you probably find yourself making that statement now and then. Or, maybe you say it every day. Perhaps you just think it in your head. Maybe you verbalize it to a spouse or a friend. Our message to you today is simple:

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Are You Still Relying Only On What Your Good Ol’ Bathroom Scale Says?

WHY we use the technology we do!

Clinics like ours who make the science-based Activate Metabolics Weight Loss Program available to you use various types of technology for a very simple reason: to be as informed as possible in order to lead, guide and coach their clients the BEST way possible!

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7 Simple Reasons WHY Our Weight Loss Program Is Perfect for SO Many!

  1. We incorporate the Activate Metabolics program which is science-based featuring proprietary DNA Testing to provide individualized plans for our participants. We also use computerized Body Composition Analysis for objective measures and effective tracking of your body’s changes.

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THE Fix for Frustrations In Your “Business” of Weight Loss

This blog is designed to help our readers personally - with your health, weight and wellness. It is obviously not a “business” blog. However, let’s make a brief mental shift and pretend that weight loss (YOUR weight loss) is a business. After all, we DO mean business when it comes to helping you with weight loss!

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